Thursday, August 20, 2015

Third Imperium Patent List

3I Patents of Nobility 

           A listing of my patents & TAS. 

 Registered Nobles of Corridor

        Count of Irasumshu E554A74-6, CORR0417 Jazzlvarz
        Viscount of Corridor 1105 Mount A675887-8, Dagrill
        Viscount of Courage E40088C-7 CORR1207, LtHavoc
        Count of KHOUTH, A8C3999-D, CORR0104 Ken at Sunrise
        Duke of PLUNGE, B5409CC-C, CORR2505 Ken at Sunrise
        Baron Harry of LEMISH, A79568C-C CORR1808 Drakon
        Viscount Gravista, C553859-4, CORR 2405, Vargr Breath
        Lord John of Depot, Lord Adm CORR FLT KSC KB, A686354-E CORR1511, Savage 
        Saarriiu of Depot, 50 KB A686354-E CORR1511, Scott


        Baron of Betters DA87544-5 CORR3030, agorski
        Baron of Betters DA87544-5 CORR3030, ergodicity
        Knight of Inarli, B677989-C, CORR2137, Magnus Von Thornwood
        Viscount, Knighthood of ABOVE, A725885-D, CORR3232 Lore
        Marchioness, Wenty-ruu, A201755-C CORR3136, AndreaV