Thursday, August 20, 2015

Third Imperium Patent List

3I Patents of Nobility 

           A listing of my patents & TAS. 

 Registered Nobles of Corridor

        Count of Irasumshu E554A74-6, CORR0417 Jazzlvarz
        Viscount of Corridor 1105 Mount A675887-8, Dagrill
        Viscount of Courage E40088C-7 CORR1207, LtHavoc
        Count of KHOUTH, A8C3999-D, CORR0104 Ken at Sunrise
        Duke of PLUNGE, B5409CC-C, CORR2505 Ken at Sunrise
        Baron Harry of LEMISH, A79568C-C CORR1808 Drakon
        Viscount Gravista, C553859-4, CORR 2405, Vargr Breath
        Lord John of Depot, Lord Adm CORR FLT KSC KB, A686354-E CORR1511, Savage 
        Saarriiu of Depot, 50 KB A686354-E CORR1511, Scott


        Baron of Betters DA87544-5 CORR3030, agorski
        Baron of Betters DA87544-5 CORR3030, ergodicity
        Knight of Inarli, B677989-C, CORR2137, Magnus Von Thornwood
        Viscount, Knighthood of ABOVE, A725885-D, CORR3232 Lore
        Marchioness, Wenty-ruu, A201755-C CORR3136, AndreaV

Friday, May 30, 2014

Welcome to the Imperium Navy's Depot Corridor Blog.

This blog discussed the Imperium's Navy and it's Depots.

The Imperium Navy hubs management and supply activities through Sector Depots like spokes in a wheel for each Sector. Every naval fleet operating in the sector will have resources and leadership at the sector depot. Each Subsector has numerous Navy bases of Numbered Operational Subsector Fleets and Numbered Reserve Fleets.

Universal World Profile (UWP) - for Corridor Depot's mainworld 

      See the Traveller rule system for UWP details.

      Traveller Version     UWP             Remarks      Year
  • OTU MT/T5          A686354-F    Lo Ni            1105-1116
  • Altered OTU T5    A68646A-D  Ni Ga            1105
  • MTU MT/TNE      A68696A-G  In Ga Ri        1116-1212

Depot Corridor's Mission: 

  • Command and Control of Sector Naval and Marine activities, fleets and bases.
  • Architecture and research of Naval Designs
  • DCORR provides facilities and resources to support 15 simultaneous Subsector fleets. 
  • Management of one of the most powerful Named Sector Fleets consisting of 16 operational Named Subsector Fleets
  • Management of the sector Named Reserve/Colonial fleets consisting of 16 Named Reserve Subsector Fleets
  • Management of 4 Specialty Depot Fleets
  • The Great Corridor Mothball Fleet
  • And much more...

The revised history of Depot Corridor (DCORR):

Historically, Luung during the Rule of Man, Ekluug to the second Imperium and renamed Camh Ranh by the 3rd Imperium. During the Rebellion locals began calling it Enders, after the explorer and founder H.A. Enders.

Before the Rebellion, the Emperor has just completed a secret, TL16 upgrade experiment of this Corridor system to create the first Grand Depot. Essentially, this meant the Imperium duplicating bases and support throughout the system and improved defenses. It also created a string of support bases with caches in adjacent parsecs.  After the Emperor's brief, inaugural visit Depot personnel were stunned by the reports of his assassination after his return to Core Sector.

During the Rebellion this depot was so pivotal to the fall of the Imperium many maps listed it as “Depot”, as though it was the only one. In fact, after the fall of sector capital Kaasu, the sector command retreating to the sector depot in parsec 1511.  With the mighty Imperium Corridor Sector Fleet revitalized to full operational levels and moving to join Lucan's Vengeance Fleet, the Depot, embarked on a fast, "ramp up" project for the Reserve Fleet.  At this crucial moment, while focusing on managing the Reserve Fleet and addressing millions of civilian refugees, decimation came with claws, when the Vargr invaded the system with a "never before seen" 500-ship cruiser and corsair fleet. Caught off guard, the newly upgraded facility lost most of the system resources, including the Depot Security Fleet and retreated to the mainworld, Corridor Depot Prime. Hard Times left the Corridor Depot mainworld assets, negotiating a supply treaty with Vargr forces to reduce the loss of life and remain independent.

The Virus, the Aware, violated the worlds of Corridor. Virus failed to penetrate Depot Prime defenses which had been designed with restricted communications and an array of meson sites. The rest of the depot system worlds had been gutted by the Vargr and we're easy for Virus to pulverize.

Imperium Depots

Over 10 years ago, we defined the course of the Imperium Navy's Depot facilities.  Here is the White Paper on my T20 Royal Naval Academy gamesite: